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Wellness Wednesday… What’s that?

Day ten… the waves… they just haven’t stopped pumping… My entire existence for the past week and a half has been surfing. My body is exhausted, my skin is burnt, my hair is blonde, and my brain is overloaded with dopamine. I needed something different – a reset of sorts. 

Wellness Wednesday at Hotel Michanti, perhaps?


 Welcome Ceremony

I showed up unsure of what to expect. As I walked into the Michanti garden, my ears were greeted with calming music, my eyes with a group of new and old faces, and my nose with the sweet scent of cacao. Everyone was seated in a circle on big rectangular pillows quietly waiting for the ceremony to begin. The vibes were good and I had no problem jumping in to join.




Flip opened the welcoming ceremony with some thoughtful words. He reminded us to be aware about what brought us here together – the power of Zonte. He then passed the torch to Ale, the evening’s cacao shaman (and master tube rider), who explained that cacao’s prominence began in Mayan and Aztec traditions where the warm drink was believed to promote inner awakening and cultural guidance. Today, we would be drinking a traditional cacao mixture with added spices – Ale’s special blend. As we passed the full mugs around the circle each person was reminded to begin thinking of a personal intention to set before consuming the drink.

Ale burning the palo santo

I don’t want to give away all of the fun here – you really just have to experience a Michanti cacao ceremony for yourself. The whole group shared stories, laughed, and felt the energy of amazing vibes together. By the time our mugs were empty we were connected on a deeper level to each other and had reconnected with our own souls.

And to think we were only halfway through wellness wednesday…


Next came sound healing with Ligia. Now this was truly a new experience for me – and it far exceeded my expectations. Sound healing is a practice that uses vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks in order to relax your mind and body. The goal is to help relieve certain ailments including anxiety and insomnia. Ligia was set up with many different instruments laid out around her on the ground and we laid in a tight semi-circle around her. We began a meditation-like practice and were consumed with the amazing sounds that she created. 

Ligia healing with sound

We finished out our idyllic evening with a big delicious vegan dinner. Great vibes, lots of smiles, and the reset that I think we all needed! Yew!

Vegan Group Dinner

Written by: Sam Mitchell



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