Don’t want to surf or hike?

Michanti is great if you just want to stay at the hotel and relax for the day.  Our 35 square meter pool is perfectly designed to swim, lounge or sunbathe. And if you are looking for a bit more activity while at Michanti, our carver skateboards, balance boards, slack line, board games, volleyball and badminton courts are sure to keep you entertained.


Michanti is located next to river El Zonte, just a two-minute walk away from the beach.  The relaxing setting is ideal for winding down after a day full of fun and adventure. Our Hammock Paradise is perfect for napping or reading a book while you listen to the river flowing and the birds chirp in the background.


Michanti is a 5 room bed and breakfast
boutique. Offering 1 double bedroom that comfortably sleeps four people,1 room that comfortably sleeps three, and 3 singles that comfortably sleep two people. All our bedrooms have a private bathroom, A/C, daily cleaning service, and amenities.


Michanti's Bar

Michanti Bar sits between mango and conacaste trees, overlooking the river with a calm ocean breeze.  A great way to end your day with nice music, good vibes and refreshing cocktails or an ice-cold beer.

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